romance/drama novel focuses on the love and relationship between two people. fantasy and realistic fiction are subgenres of romance. my favorite romance/drama novels are jane eyre by charlotte brönte, the selection series by kiera cass, and dreamland by sarah dessen.

this is the order you should read the selection series:

the selection
the elite
the one
happily every after: compantion to the selection series
the heir
the crown

here are three reasons why you should read romance/drama novels according to a website i found:

1) reading a romance/drama novel is like watching a romance/drama movie, but you get to picture the main characters in your mind and lets your imagination wander
2) romance/drama novels usually have a happy ending. of course, this is not always the case, but it is most likely a break from sadder genres
3) there are many subgenres within romance, so if you also like fantasy, for example, you can read a romance novel while reading a fantasy novel